Friday, March 5, 2010

BB preparation for sports day

The Boy's Brigade this year is really preparing for the school Sports Day next week. They hold practices like 3 times a week!!!! Syok habis!!!! But also very tiring.... Now, if I change my I/C, I think I can qualify to be an Indian:) My skin is so dark that the difference between my lower arm and upper arm is quite obvious.....

But, it is very tiring. I just found out that you can exercise by marching and if you want to build muscles, just simply move at will when standing in 'sedia' position. You will instantly get 3-5 times pumping. Keep doing it again and again and by the end of the drill session, you will have big muscles and big arm aches:) Back to the topic, seriously, marching is tiring. That's why every time after drill, every one is like dead fish:)

I think the BB is quite desperate to win this year lor.... cos last time, they won 9 years in a row. Then 2 years ago, the Kadets won and last year, the prefects won( it really was unbelievable and shocking and BB was not satisfied). So, that's why BB is putting in a lot of effort to win this year. They are also putting a lot of hope on the we must perform our best and win!!!! Cannot disappoint BB!!!!


But before I end, I want to make something clear...... I am not complaining about the drill and everything. I actually quite like it. DRILL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updates of the past few weeks

I am very sorry for the late update and plain blog as I have been busy and i am sort of a noob:( So now i plan to update once every few days or maybe once a week. Unless it's a holiday, i will try to update my blog as frequently as I can. So, here are the updates.

1. Merentas Desa

The event took place last Saturday along the 'kopi susu' Kinta river. It started around 8.15, i think, but had to go early so that can listen do all the things about what to do and what not to do, warm up and all the usual things u do before you start doing those kind of activities. The form 6 girls started first and they were given 25 minutes to complete the course which is along the Kinta river and then u-turn somewhere and continue on the other side.

We, form1s' and form 2s' start later and are given a shorter time to run the course. By the time me, Kar Yun, Min Junn and Caleb reached the starting line, it already started. NO FAIR!!!! By the way, so we just started running. Turns out the river isn't smelly. The only thing we could smell was chicken dung, cow dung and every farm animal dung. =.=lll Left Min Junn and Caleb behind since the start...hehe (sorry, guys). Then later left Kar Yun behind and then left more friend behind. Managed to finish the course within the time limit. (whee)

After the event, we were quite unhappy cos' this guy got 1st cos he was at the starting line first. Where got fair??!! But dats not all... got sum indian guys trying to fight with this chinese guys cos' they got first and the indians which were school runners, didn't. What sore losers.... After that, hung out with friends for a while then went back home.

2. Chess tournament

Went for a chess tournament last two weeks ago. Nothing much to say. Spent one whole friggin' day there. Bored like mad but chess isn't as bored as it seems. Many people ask me or my siblings how we can sit down for hours staring at the bored. The answer is simple... it is because our mind always working where to move, what is the threat and what we can do about it. If you put the chess board with the pieces in front of us and say that we are not allowed to touch it..... even the grandmasters would be dying of boredom:) At least got friends at the tournament. After that, went for dinner with friends.

3. Dinner with friends

Went for dinner with friends after the chess tournament. Only one word to describe it...AWESOME!!!!!! The restaurant served bot steamboat and western cousines. And for RM 24, you can as much as you want!!! How cool is that?!?! You can order as many pork chops, steaks, chicken chops, spaghetti and more. And while waiting, you can help yourself to many other food such as kebabs and potatoes. Had a wonderful time there. Joked and laughed until tears come out. Then went back home..

4. Canteen food operator fight

Alright people, this is an interesting one. This happened after recess when I walked out of the canteen for a short while after duty and when I walked back in, two canteen operators were quarelling already. At first it was just verbal but after a few minutes, it turned worse. One of them started slamming a bowl against counter. Actually I don't know what really happened and why it happened. All I heard was the woman screaming ' YOUR MOTHER NEVER TEACH!!YOUR MOTHER NEVER TEACH!!' (sort of la, they were shouting in Cantonese and I am not very good at interpreting).
OK, back to the fight. After the guy slammed the bowl, the woman's co-operator picked up the bowl and put it back for the man to slam again...which he did. All this happend in front of 3 teachers who were eating there. They were looking on and so was every student passing there. It was like a movie :D After that, the man took a sauce bottle and slapped the woman's face with it. The co-operator then took a tray and tried to hit the man with it. But by now, other canteen operators and the teacher started to intervene and stop the fight.
The next day, I told my friend, 'Come let's wait here and see got movie some more or not'. :P

4. BB drill practice

This took place last Thursday and today, just that today's pratice was not as torturing. Thursday's practice was the killer. We drilled under the sun, in the middle of the field at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It was an awesome experience if you are somone who loves being under the sun and burning your skin. For one hour, we marched up and down the field. For one hour, we were given pumping until our arms ached cos' we were tired and we had to tahan when we went down. For one hour, we were baked, fried, barbequed, boiled, broiled, poached, steamed, cooked inside out, grilled, stewed and deep fried:P Haiz... Consequences of being a BB member in the drill squad for Sport's Day:D But still happy though...

5. Community service

We, the BB members went for the Perak state New Year and Christmas Clebration on the 31st of January. For those of you who don't know, it was advertised on posters all around town with the pictures of Juwita Suwito and Yoga Lin. W e went there along with the GB on the 30th to help packed the goodie bags and rehearse. MAN, it was tiring!! We were practically running up and down carrying boxes and packing stuff in the store room. It was practically like Hell's Kitchen except this is Hell's Storeroom. The next day, the real day, we were assigned to different doors to take care. I was in charge of the VIP door but it wasn't easy.
Later, I got 'tranfered' to another door for the whole night. The performances were ok, EXCEPT for Yoga Lin's( fans, pls do not kill me). It to say this?...RETARDED. Before the Sultan left, it was OK, but after the Sultan left.....That's when it turned ugly. I refuse to comment on his performance for the sake of my safety. Wonder how he can have so many fans. But Juwita Suwito's performance was very good. She can sing really well. Besides what happened above, we did a lot of other stuff which was both crazy and funny. Eventually, we had to go back. Haiz...All good things come to an end, don't they?

So, there you have it. Sorry for the lengthy post and for the absence of pictures. I am only a student, so no camera. Enjoy..........

Friday, February 5, 2010


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I have a blog...

Actually, nothing to be really happy about. Millions of ppl worlwide have blogs and its not like i am the first....( but u cannot stop me frm being happy) :)

So, since it's my first time blogging(obviously), pls comment and tell me wat do u think about my posts. Too short, too long, too boring, too tedious, too narcissistic, too many examples on wat to comment on my blog or watever. Just comment. But dun be too brutal and start cursing or any of dat stuff.

So, enjoy...........